Gratitude and Dilemmas

Part 1: Gratitude

For the past few days on WordPress, I’ve noticed the book blogging community exploding with award love!  So many incredible bloggers have been nominated for awards, and I wanted to congratulate them 😀

I, too, have been nominated four times for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award recently!  Isn’t that crazy?!  I was first nominated by Lily @ wordsweheart and Stefani @ Caught Read Handed, but shortly after, I noticed two other bloggers nominated me for this very award!  Those bloggers are Miguel @ The Quirky Reader and Yvo @ It’s All About Books.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  These bloggers are all amazing, so I recommend you check them out!

(Wow, I’m using a lot of exclamation marks, lol.)

Anyway, because I’ve already recently done the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, I’m not going to be nominating any new blogs (I think most of the people I follow have already been nominated, anyway!), but if you have any questions you’d like me to answer about blogging or books or music or something, leave them in the comments and I’ll make a different post for that!

Part 2: Dilemma

Don’t worry—this has nothing to do with blogging awards (I love blogging awards!).  It actually has something to do with books.

I’ve noticed throughout all of 2014, my reading pace has definitely slowed.  Of course, I have to take into account that I’ve been busy with school and such.  What I’m wondering about is, I’ve seemed to fall into a really strange type of reading slump.  I’ll start a book, then I won’t pick it up for days, then I’ll read a bunch of it, then I don’t pick up any books for even more days, and then I’ll finish the book.  Then, I’ll start another book, get a few pages in, and not pick it up.  It’s like… quicksand, the quicksand being the reading slump (oh, boy, another one of my analogies).  So you take a step and you feel really triumphant, and then you put your foot back into the quicksand.  And then somehow you manage to get one foot out of the quicksand (getting out is the part where you’re reading a bunch), but then you fall right back into the quicksand.

Wow.  That was bad XD But you get the idea, right?

Has something like this ever happened to you?  What did you do to get out of this weird cycle?  It’s kind of driving me insane O.o

I also wanted to touch on one other thing: Some of you may have noticed that my visits to you blogs have become less and less frequent.  Well.  That’s my fault.  I am just WAY too dependent on the WordPress reader, and for some reason, the reader stopped delivering posts to me from some of the blogs I follow!  At first I thought maybe some people were on blogging breaks or something, so I didn’t question it.

But then I would actually manually go into the blog and realize I’ve missed, like, two week’s worth of posts!  Gahh, I’m horrible DX

I am so, so sorry!  So I’ve been working on slowly catching up to the posts I’ve been missing out on.

Anyway, that’s all for now!  Thanks so much to the wonderful bloggers who nominated me for the award.  I really appreciate it 😀

Also, what do you think of my reading problem?  Let me know!



8 thoughts on “Gratitude and Dilemmas

  1. That sounds like exactly the kind of reading slump that used to plague me! I was trying to be the type of person who reads one book at a time (full immersion, if you will). Once I gave that up and started reading multiple books, I’ve had no more slumps! For instance, I’m currently reading Framley Parsonage by Anthony Trollope – it’s really good but it would be a slump book if that’s all I was reading. Instead, when I find myself putting it down, I just pick up something else – The Scorch Trials by James Dashner, at the moment.
    I had to switch to Bloglovin because WP reader kept spontaneously unfollowing blogs. 😦 I still use the orange speech bubble for comment notification, but I’m done with the reader.


    1. Thanks for the advice! I actually used to read quite a few books at once, but for some reason I stopped. Luckily I have lots of books to read simultaneously!

      Yeah 😦 oh well. It’s weird, though, because when I checked to make sure if I was still following the blogs it stopped giving me posts from, I was still following. Probably just a glitch, so I hope they fix it. In the meantime, I’ll have to start getting on Bloglovin more and hopefully all the bloggers I follow on WP are over there!


  2. Agh, darn. I actually came over here with the intent of nominating you for a Liebster award, but then I read this and I was like nooooooooo. Alas, haha. But yeah, reading slumps suck. Maybe if you just find the most amazing, awesomtastic book ever then you’ll come out of it? Have you read the Princess Bride, yet? If you haven’t, I guarantee you it will restore your reading prowess.


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