I’ve hit 300 followers!  *happy dance*

In almost two years of blogging, my blog has managed to (hopefully) catch the interest of over three hundred bloggers.  That is insane to think about.  And I know it’s on the cliché side, but I still, after nearly two years, get excited every time my iPod chimes and alerts me that someone has liked, or commented, or followed littleonionwrites.  I LOVE checking out your posts and love seeing them in my Reader.  It still is, and will always be, exciting to reply to your comments, or to comment on your blogs and see that you’ve replied.  I follow so many amazing blogs run by amazingderful bloggers and am always eager to read your posts 😀

I still remember my very first comment, left by the amazing writer, Jeyna Grace.  That was probably one of the most exciting things to happen to me while running this blog, being welcomed to WordPress.

So, thank you, to 300+ people who read my blog and/or follow.  Thank you for every comment and like.  I really hope my posts make you smile, or are a bit relatable, because your posts make me smile a lot 🙂  And with my two-year blogoversary 30 days away (I went back to read my first few posts from 2012 and was laughing too hard xD), this is the best gift I could have received ❤

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, both new and old followers.  You guys are awesome 😀

Yours Truly,

A Grateful littleonion

P.S. For those who celebrate, I hope you have a very happy Fourth of July!


30 thoughts on “300 Followers!!!

  1. Yay!!! *happy jig* I love your blog. Thank you for being awesome and for following me 🙂 it’s been fun!!! I know the feeling you mean- to get feedback and to feel the love after posting your thoughts is such a great feeling. It makes me feel like I’m impacting someone, somewhere. High five sister.


  2. Congratulations!!!
    Also, I just saw my blog over on your sidebar – Thank you! 😀
    I’ve been re-reading Mockingjay and trying to pay more attention to Gale’s character. I’m appreciating how much he truly cares for Katniss and how he is willing to try to understand her point of view about the prep team. I still love Peeta, but I can see Gale’s appeal a little better. 🙂


  3. Yayyy! Congrulations to you, littleonionwrites! I’m so happy for you and your blog 🙂 Hopefully before long that number expands to the 400, and then the 500 follower milestone! I love your blog!


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