Blogging Confessions

So, yesterday’s Top Ten Tuesday theme was “Top Ten Blogging Confessions.”  Now I saw people’s blogging confessions popping up everywhere, and I found that I could relate to more than one blogging confession from each blogger.  So I thought, “Hey!  Why not hop on the confessions train?”

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do!  And I’m being so defiant by doing Top Ten Tuesday on a Wednesday, because…

I’m Divergent.  You can’t control me. (*wink*)

Like always, Top Ten Wednesday Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Go check ’em out!

And now, for my scary confessions.

This is me trying to mess around with fun fonts and stuff. Unfortunately, my blog doesn’t have a white background, so this just looks awkward.
→ I don’t really read the synopsis of a book… ever.  Like, not on book reviews, not when I’m getting a book from the library.  I’ll just be like, “Hey, I’ve heard of this book, and some bloggy people think it’s cool, so I’m going to read it.  Screw summaries!”  Heheh… 

→ I get into blogging “moods,” as I’m sure many of us do.  Sometimes I’ll feel like posting a million things on one day, and I’ll read every single post in my reader and comment on every single post in my reader… except they won’t be cute little comments.  They’ll be ESSAYS and then I’ll feel like I’m bugging you XD Or I’ll feel like going a week without blogging, and I’ll want to comment on your post, but I’m just… too lazy, man.  Usually I don’t get into that mood, though!

→ This was not supposed to be a book blog.  I had originally started littleonionwrites to share my writing with people of the Internet, but I soon found that while I was busy at work with my next fanfiction (which took five months to complete… probably not the best story in the world xD), I needed something else to put on my blog because I DID NOT want to be a blog-abandoner.  So I started doing book reviews.  And I got better and better at my reviews and my writing in general improved, too.  And I love the book blogging community ❤

→ My blog is extremely jealous of a bunch of the blogs it follows because those blogs are so beautiful and my blog is just… not? Lol.  My blog and I have been seriously contemplating a theme change.  I also wish I knew how to do the cool fonts and stuff.  Me so jelly. 

→ Whenever I’m doing anything on the Internet, including blogging, I’m listening to music.  This post?  I’m listening to Paula Abdul.  My last post?  I was probably listening to something loud that other people in my house don’t appreciate xD  When I’m watching YouTube?  I’ve probably got something Black Veil Brides going on in the background.  I always need music on. 

→ Sometimes I’ll have an idea for a post, but I never end up publishing it because I start thinking about, “What if someone doesn’t like it?” or “What if this makes no sense?” 

→ Whenever I’m typing another blogger’s name, even when it’s a name I for sure know how to spell, I check back to make sure I’m spelling their name correctly.  I don’t know if anyone else does this, haha. 

→ I always wonder if I’ve run into one of my fellow bloggers unknowingly, which would be pretty dang cool!  It would be an honor to meet you wonderful bloggy people at a convention or something.  That would probably be one of the best experiences ever 😀

→ *insert image of me, staring around my room aimlessly and trying to come up with two more confessions* Oh!  When you’re a blogger, you can wear whatever you want.  Like pajamas that totally don’t match (I may or may not be wearing at this moment… O.o). 

→ *insert image of me tapping my fingers against my laptop* Yeah, I got nothing.

Alright!  So those were my nine blogging confessions!  And we all know that right when I hit publish, I’m going to come up with five more confessions that I could have crammed into this post.  *shakes head*

I think I’ve read all of your confessions, but tell me what you think of my confessions!





18 thoughts on “Blogging Confessions

  1. You don’t read the synopsis?! Oh my gosh, that is a confession. You’re just like my sister; she never knows what a book is about until it’s through, whereas I pour over the synopsis like it’s my life line. I do the post idea thing, too. Like some of my ideas are just weird, and I’m not sure if the people I’m following are ready for them, haha.


  2. Hahahaha way to be a rebel AND a bookish fangirl with that Divergent ref!! Mad respect!
    These are great confessions! I love the honesty this topic brought out in everyone. I relate to several of these.. Blog envy is definitely one of them but I too get in ‘blog moods’ that seem to ebb and flow…
    Btw what did/do you write fan fiction for??


    1. *bows* Thank you, thank you very much! XD

      I wrote Harry Potter fanfiction (sooo original, haha!). I have two completed ones and also an incomplete Percy Jackson fanfic. It’s really fun to write 😀


  3. That’s pretty ballsy of you to just pick up a book on a whim without reading the synopsis. I mean, I’ve heard of people picking up books on the basis of the cover alone and without the synopsis…but you’re taking it to new extremes!
    Your thoughts on post ideas is pretty spot-on with how I feel sometimes when I think I have the most rad idea but when i start to write it out…it just doesn’t materialize the way i thought it ought to so it doesn’t get published cause it’s entirely half-baked and I think no one would be interested in it haha.
    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts


    1. Well, I do like going into books not knowing much about them 😀 Fifty pages later, I’m either reading till all hours or grumbling about the terrible decision I made to not read the synopsis.

      I have so many drafts that will never see the light of day because I’ll be so pumped about writing them, but then my feelings toward my brilliant idea are kinda meh.


  4. Your blog gets jealous!? Bahaha that’s a good one. I think mine is okay cause it freaking gets nominated for awards like every week. I think he might be a little full of himself by now. But whenever the weekend comes around and I don’t write anything he gets sad. Haha


  5. I like never read the synopsis for a book or never fully read it. Someone will ask me what it is or something and if I haven’t started reading it I will respond with “It’s a book about …..*me looking off in the distance*…I’m not really sure but I heard good stuff about it” haha. I also feel like I go on blog explosion sometimes and post so much and other times I post like nothing. I have been recently trying to be more consistent. I just revamped my blog because I was getting jealous of all the pretty blogs 🙂


    1. Exactly! Even when I have started a book and someone asks me what it’s about, I totally butcher the summary and make the book sound sucky and yeah 😛

      Your blog looks great!!! I think this weekend I’m going to check out some other themes, because I’m getting awfully tired of this one. I hope I find something as awesome as everyone else’s!


  6. I am never content with my blog style too 😦 I want to change my theme everyday ! Takes a lot of willpower to stop myself ! If you really want to freak out with cool fonts that come without the white background check out (unless you do already) 🙂


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