Bookshelf Tour + New Blog Theme

Hey, guys!  So this week’s Top Ten Tuesday theme was really interesting and is what inspired me to make this obvious change to my blog: the theme change.  I was becoming really unhappy with the way my old theme looked and decided it was time to make a change.  Anywho, I hope you guys like it, because I really like it 😀

With changing the theme I guess came changing the way it looks when I’m typing my post: the font looks different, and is slightly bigger, which I really like.  It’s also a cool grayish color.  I’m liking this change!

Aside from this, I’ve noticed some bloggy people doing bookshelf tours, which I really enjoy.  The first ones I noticed were ones on YouTube, but I’m going to go ahead and attempt to jump on the bookshelf tour train—blog style.  Let’s go!

3Thanks to a fellow blogger over at Falling Down The Book Hole, for introducing me to a website that enabled me to create this graphic ^.^  I’m really happy with the result!

DSCN1399You’ve met my bookshelf before.  And if you’re a newcomer to my little corner of the Internet, then, hey!  Meet my bookshelf!  I did a little quicky “tour” thing when I first assembled the lovely carrier of my precious belongings we call books, but I don’t think I was that detailed… and if I was… oh, well.  This is a slightly updated bookshelf tour.  So, yeah.

It’s time for you to meet the first shelf.  The shelf of books that are some of the most precious books I own:

DSCN1400I took this photo at an unfortunate angle, as I am not as tall as my shelf… oh well.

Anyway, the books on this top shelf are books that I hope to own forever.  Starting on the left, I have two Divergent magazines from when the movie came out, my Divergent* trilogy, all mismatched with the first book being a paperback and the last two being hardcover 😛 That still bugs me.  IT WILL ALWAYS BUG ME.  And for some reason, that seems to be the case with every series I own.  You’ll see…

(Fun fact: The Divergent trilogy is one of the only series that I own all the books to… this also bugs me.)

Moving on, I have some Rick Riordan books (oh, that evil man), Cassandra Clare books, and my beloved J.K. Rowling books, the Harry Potter* series.

Meet my second shelf, the shelf with books I liked/loved/haven’t read:

DSCN1401Over here I have my unfinished Hunger Games series and my mockingjay pin, which I bought at Hot Topic, like, right after seeing Catching Fire.  I also have some random classics stacked on top of some books on this shelf.  I own my unfinished Twilight Saga, which is nice… I guess?

I’ve also got some Jennifer L. Armentrout*, Richelle Mead, Rainbow Rowell, and, of course, John Green.  I’m going to have to reread TFIOS, because now that I think back on it, I realize that there were quite a few qualities in it that I usually don’t like in a book :O Maybe I’ll reread this to get me out of my slump…

I also have The Darkest Minds, Legend, and a few other random books (two of which are signed!!!).  Also, on the right of this shelf, I have a poster signed by four authors, which I got at a book signing that I, uh, totally forgot to blog about… it was a while back… oops?

Now meet shelf #3, the shelf of fantasy and realistic fiction that I adore and will always turn to (I’m actually rereading Thirteen by Lauren Myracle right now, and it’s bringing back so many memories from when I read it before 😀 My copy is so battered…):

DSCN1407On this shelf, the one book I really want to address is Gideon the Cutpurse, which actually had a title and cover change (which is probably why it took me forever to find the last two books in the trilogy >.<).  It’s now called The Time Travelers by Linda Buckley-Archer, and this book is AMAZING.  I think the original cover is just so beautiful and it would have been awesome if they could have kept that whole cover theme going.  But, alas, they did not.

Anyway, this book is about time travel, and it’s middle grade and it’s just a bundle of perfection!  I highly recommend it!  I read it almost two years ago (at the same time I was reading The Kane Chronicles), and I still remember loving this book.  Excellent!

And as you can see, on the side I have random trinkets.  Like my wineglass TBR cup.  And a Rubik’s cube.  And a CD case thingy that has all my CDs in it.  And a deck of, um, Pokemon cards.  Being the cool person I am XD I used to love Pokemon, and I just unearthed my collection.  Le sigh.  Memories.

Time for shelf #4, the shelf of random books that I had a hard time placing/books I’m super lazy to read:

DSCN1404I’ve got a bunch of books I bought from library book sales, and a few other books that I bought from the discount bookstore I love ❤ And that rolled up thing is three posters from the Cornelia Funke signing I went to last year.

And last but not least, meet my fifth shelf, the shelf of paperbacks, some of which I’ve owned the longest of all the books I own!

DSCN1405Ta-da!  These are the books I read as a kid 😀  And on the far left side, you can see the last VHS tape I own, Finding Nemo.  Oh, yes.  This movie was a favorite when I was younger.

You probably noticed some asterisks thrown in this post.  They signify the only series that I actually own all of the books to.  Woooow.  That’s sad.  Only about four series make the cut :/

That’s all for my bookshelf tour!  I have somewhere between 131-141 books.  It’s one of those numbers.  I lost my place when I was counting xD

I really hope you enjoyed this little tour of my shelves!  Do you have bookshelves?  Have you done a bookshelf tour?  Link it down below in the comments if you have!


19 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour + New Blog Theme

  1. I plan on doing a blog book shelf tour really soon! I have had people ask me about it and I am moving soon and will have all my books in one place and semi on bookshelves so we will see how it turns out! Great post 🙂


  2. I have like all the books on your first two shelves… oops:) i love you theme! i wish i could set my blog up like this… i just have to get used to all the stuff..figure out how to add things and do more stuff i guess.. but i really love your blog! you seem so nice! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the new theme! (Not that I really see it since I use the app…) Great bookshelf tour! I’ll have to do one soon (maybe in November/December/January after it’s my birthday and Christmas so I have money to update my book collection…


  4. I love your new theme! Your bookshelf looks amazing too.This is a great idea for a post. I love watching bookshelf tours on Youtube. It’s cool to see how other people organize their shelves.


    1. Thank you! I love watching bookshelf tours on YouTube, too. I get so insanely jealous of other people’s (completed xD) series, haha! But their organization sometimes gives me ideas, so I guess it’s all good 😀


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