My Social Networking

I’m really unfashionably late to the whole social networking thing.  I’m not on many websites, just a few.  I don’t understand Facebook and Twitter (though I try!).  I also don’t understand hashtags… yeah.  I love WordPress and Goodreads and Pinterest and Bloglovin, but that’s pretty much all I was on…

…Until I decided to make an Instagram account.  Yes, my friends.  The day has come.  It’s actually really weird for me, because I’m totally not used to Instagram, lol.  But I’m giving it a try.  It’s basically a second Pinterest for me (because Pinterest is amahzing), where I’ll post a bunch of stuff band- and bookish-related.  A combination of my two of my all-time favorite things!

So if you’d like to be spammed with band and bookish stuff, then follow me on Instagram @littleonionwrites (did I do that right?)!

That’s all for now,


14 thoughts on “My Social Networking

  1. Yay!!! I’m with you though. I got off of facebook 4 years ago and I love it. I got off of Instagram 2 years ago and I kinda miss it. I just joined WordPress, what?, 4 months ago and twitter about a week ago. Twitter is beyond me. But I’m learning 😉

    Have fun with Instagram 🙂


      1. I don’t doubt that for one second. My twitter is for my {future} calligraphy store so I’m not following authors. Now I think I need a book twitter so I can 😉


      1. I know! I procrastinate enough with mine! Hence why I have all but withdrawn from Wattpad and Goodreads… 0.0


  2. I have Twitter, WordPress and Goodreads. I’m the same way with social media. I’m not the best with Twitter and decent with WordPress and Goodreads. I did have Facebook, but I ended up getting rid of mine. I haven’t tried instagram yet though, haha. Maybe I’ll try it one day.


      1. Aww, thank you! That’s really nice to hear. You’re awesome with WordPress too. I’m always excited to see when you post something new. 🙂


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