How Long Does It Take For Me To Finish A Book?

It’s story time, my friends, my bloggy people.  Gather ’round.

Once upon a time, a man named Jostein Gaarder decided to write a book about philosophy.  He named it Sophie’s World, and it was published in 1991. 

Sophie's World

Unbeknownst to him, a fangirl in the 21st century would be forced to read his book on philosophy.  Let’s just say this fangirl was not pleased, and she certainly made her displeasure known.  The fangirl began her journey with this book on October 7, 2013. 

She found the book to be boring, though there were moments where the book picked up.  She especially enjoyed the few parts that mentioned mythology.  But still, this did not satisfy the fangirl.  There was a major creep factor which never failed to make her uncomfortable, and yet the main character in the book, Sophie, was completely unfazed… as was Sophie’s mother (and really, the mom should have been a bit more attentive and paid more attention to her teenage daughter and the strange man she chilled with).

The story kept getting more and more bizarre.  Maybe, the fangirl thought, I’m reading too much into this creepy situation. 

But it still irritated her. 

The fangirl managed to swallow down the last thirty-seven pages in one sitting, and finished Sophie’s World on July 18, 2014.  She was so proud.

I fail at life.

facepalmEven House is disappointed XP

emma watsonEmma Watson’s pretty impressed with my accomplishment, too. -.-

Draco MalfoyNow, now… Calm down, Draco…

And that’s my story about Sophie’s World, completely non-fictional.  I did, in fact, begin the book at the beginning of October of last year and completed it about half an hour ago.

Someone get me a trophy, because I was nominated for, and won, the Longest Time It Takes To Read a Five Hundred-Page Book Contest.  I want a cookie.  I totally earned it.

Le sigh.  Shame on me.

But I hope you got a chuckle out of that (or maybe you’re looking at this post like I’m crazy for taking so much time to read a book…)!  I have so many rant-y notes that I didn’t want to deal with.  Plus, I stretched this book out for so long that toward the end, I wasn’t even sure what was going on.  I completely forgot most of the plot and whatnot.

I am a horrible person.

But, yeah!  And to make me feel better about this situation (or maybe you just want to sit back and laugh at me… that’s cool, too…), what are some books that you took forever to read?  Let me know!



14 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take For Me To Finish A Book?

  1. I’m pretty sure it took me two years to get through Huckleberry Finn, and I only finished it because I was forced to read it for school 🙂 Don’t worry you’re not alone haha. I loved you’re story by the way!


    1. Thanks for sharing! Let’s all just get our bookish shame out of the way XD I’m glad you liked the story, too ^.^

      I’ve never been able to read books like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn—I don’t know why. I might have been forced to read one of those when I was in third grade, but I can’t remember, lol.


  2. I’ve really wanted to read this, but your review concerns me…The book that took me forever was Lolita by Nabokov. I don’t think it was because I didn’t value reading it. I think everyone should, but it’s not a book you “enjoy” I could only take so much Humbert at a time, oh, and I took a break to read something “less disturbing” for a minute.


    1. Well, this book definitely wasn’t my cup of tea, but we all have those books, ya know? I had a few major problems with some of the occurrences in Sophie’s World, but perhaps that’s because we live in a different time now. Dunno.

      I’ve not yet read Lolita! I actually have no idea what it’s about. I’ll have to find the summary somewhere 😀 My next “scholarly” read is probably going to be 1984 or something, just because it’s on my shelf. I’m excited, though, because I was “banned” from reading it a few years ago (and banned books are always that much exciting :D) and it’s dystopian. Hopefully it’s awesome!!


  3. You are quite the story teller! I feel ya though. Sometimes it is so hard to stick with a book if you’re just not that interested. I commend you for finishing it at all, really. Usually if I can’t get into a book I just walk away. I’m about at that point with Something Strange and Deadly. I started it, like, over a month ago and I don’t know why, but it is just not keeping my attention.


  4. I haven’t taken that long to read a book, but it took me a few months to read Les Miserables. I read so many books in the middle of it. And the fact that it was almost 1500 pages just made me so scared. I think that big books in general take more time to read, not only because of their size, but also due to their intimidation factor. I just get really nervous and impatient reading a huge book, especially one with many characters.


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