Late Blogoversary + Read-A-Thon Day 2 Updates

Yesterday was littleonionwrites’ second blogoversary!!!  Wahoo!  My blog is two years old. 😀  That is a crazy thing to think about.  I’ve been blogging for two years now, and in two years, 319 people have followed my blog!  Eeek, it’s so exciting.  Thank you for your interest in my blog, you awesome people!

The reason I didn’t post this yesterday was because I had a pretty long day, and I crashed way earlier than usual, haha.  You’ll notice I haven’t posted my update for day two of the Dusting off the Shelf read-a-thon.  Well, because yesterday was busy, I didn’t get much reading done. -.- Oh, well.  But I plan on catching up today.  I’m still reading Ruby Red, but I’m liking it. 🙂

It was kind of a fangirling day yesterday, because I had a lot of fangirl moments.  One moment in particular was when I found (and purchased) Opposition early at Barnes & Noble… Yeah.  That Opposition.  As in Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Opposition.  :O

I was so shocked to see it on the shelves that I’d logged into the B&N wifi and went onto Goodreads to check to see if I’d gotten the release date right.  It says August 5.

So obviously, yesterday was a pretty great day for me. XD

That’s all for now!  I’m probably going to have a pretty decent Sunday Wrap Up later on.


Progress Update:

August 2nd:
-Pages read: 6 (61%)
-Books completed: 0

4 thoughts on “Late Blogoversary + Read-A-Thon Day 2 Updates

  1. Ahhhh, how exciting! I’m so jealous – can’t wait to see what you think of Opposition. 😀 And happy (belated) blogoversary, by the way!


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