Sunday Funday: Week In Review (2)

Sunday FundaySunday Funday is a weekly meme created by Cristina @ Girl in the Pages as a way to reflect on the bookish and non-bookish happenings that occurred during your week!


This week I dyed some of my bangs blue, and I really like it!  I’ve had experience with hair coloring a few months ago, but the color began to fade, so I decided I wanted to color my hair again.

I also had a really big shopping day yesterday, which was fun!  We went to the mall, starting with the bookstore (I’ll get to that in a minute) and worked our way all around.  I ended up getting a few books, a pocket watch (I’ve been wanting a pocket watch since I was a kid, haha), and I even got a new piercing, which was an unexpected yet awesome surprise.

(Side note: The pocket watch makes me feel like a fictional character from the past.  EVERYTHING I’VE ALWAYS WANTED.)

Life in Books:

Last week on Tuesday, the fifth installment to the Bloodlines series, Silver Shadows, was released.  I unfortunately wasn’t able to get the book right away, but I have it now!

I also told you in my last post that I found Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout early, which was insane.  Just freaking insane.  Either I still have the release date wrong (but on Goodreads and the B&N site, it says August 5), or I actually found this book early.

I found it early.

Omg.  I am a very happy human.

I’m also participating in the Dusting off the Shelf read-a-thon (these new books are really making my priorities unclear), which is being hosted by the lovely Emily!

Life in Music:

While at Barnes & Noble, I wandered into the music section and got myself a good pair of earphones.  I’ve been going off the cheap ones for a while now, and if you don’t know that feeling of using two working earphones, it’s an AWESOME feeling.  I’m not even exaggerating (maybe a little :/).  But still.  New earphones are always a great thing to get. 😀

And that’s everything interesting that went on this week!  I hope you guys had an awesome week, and tell me what you did this week.  If you do weekly wrap-ups or participate in Sunday Funday, leave me a link to check out your post!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: Week In Review (2)

  1. Colouring your hair is always fun! 😀 Plus, having high quality earbuds is basically the best feeling in the world. You won’t regret that purchase, I promise. 😉


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