Blogging Awards Part 2: Liebster Blog Award

This is part two of my Blogging Awards post, and today will be focused on the Liebster Award, and Bookish is my kind nominator. ^-^ Thank you for this nomination. 😀 I love answering the questions—that’s my favorite part, and I was especially excited to answer these questions in particular, they’re really interesting.

I’ll be doing the same thing for this award, rather than nominating a bunch of blogs, I’ll recommend you to some amazing blogs that you may or may not have heard of.  That’s one of my favorite things about these blogging awards, seeing the people who were nominated.

liebsterrThe Rules:

1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their site.
2. Post the award logo on your blog or in a post.
3. Answer eleven questions about yourself.
4. Nominate eleven other bloggers, and give them new questions.

Questions from Bookish:

1. Why did you create your blog?  Do you have a goal for it?

I initially created my blog for the purposes of sharing my fanfiction writing (this may come as a shock to you, fellow new readers ;D).  I had wanted to put it up on, but didn’t think it would really get recognition there amongst all of the other fabulous fanfiction writers, y’know (there are some pretty good ones!)?  So I made my blog and put up the fanfiction… It’s, er, not the best, but at least I was writing.  That’s more than what I can say for right now.

(Fun fact: The first fanfiction I wrote was written all on lined paper.  This was before I even knew what I was doing, so there were pretty much no paragraphs on that first draft. XD Maybe I’ll put up a picture one day.)

As for having any goals for my blog?  I think just to keep with it and not stopping is enough, and to continue communicating with you guys. 😀 I think that’s my favorite part about blogging, getting feedback, or even just chatting with other bloggers.

2. Do you find yourself driven to watch your stats all the time or do you ignore them for the most part?

I used to watch my stats all the time when I was a new blogger.  I always wondered if I would get any followers, or any comments, or any viewers.  I don’t actually remember when I slowly stopped checking my stats as often, but I think it was when I began to get more readers and interact with other bloggers, because I felt more comfortable here.  I still do check the stats on occasion, though. ;D

3. Do you invite friends and family to follow your blog or would you rather cut off your hands before they participate?

I actually laughed at this. XD Well, I haven’t really invited my friends to my blog, just because they’re not the biggest readers, and I don’t think they’d really be interested in my content.  I’ve mentioned it to them before, but I don’t know if they’ve ever searched for me on the internet.  As for family, a few family members know about my blog, but not too many.  I’m cool with them reading it. ^-^

4. Do you worry about offending people on your blog or do you sometimes post things purposely knowing it will offend people but you like the discussion it brings?

Oh, I am very conscious of the content on my blog.  I don’t really want to put up anything controversial, because I don’t want to alienate anyone or make anyone uncomfortable.  I like having a happy atmosphere around here. 😀 Just imagine my blog is, like, a room with a bunch of bookshelves (I’ll share my books with you guys, since I know you’d take care of them XD) and comfy sofas, and, like, hot cocoa or something.

5. What book do you consistently give as a gift?

Well, this is going to sound odd: I’ve never gifted anyone a book.  Yep, you heard it here first.  And if I were to do so, that would be so stressful for me, lol.  First I’d have to find the perfect book, then I’d be worried that the person I was giving it to already had it, and that’s pretty much what I’d be thinking about for the whole time, and I wouldn’t want them to be disappointed or anything.

6. What kind of super power would you have if you could pick one?

 Probably telekinesis, or the ability to manipulate things with my mind.  I am constantly wishing that I had this power.  I’ll be sitting down to eat a bag of chips, and I realize I forgot to get a napkin or something, and I’m like, “Ugh, just when I got comfortable.  If only I had the power to make the paper towels move to me with my mind.”

7. Do you see yourself as the hero or the sidekick/Do you see yourself as the protagonist or a supporting character in your life?

Well, this is awkward. XD I feel like I would be the sidekick.  I’m the Ron.  Or, I guess, maybe the Hermione (lol), but I’m not nearly as clever as her. 😥 I’m not sure how one could be a supporting character in their own life… Hmm…

8. What do you do as a job in the real world?  If you could blog full-time and not have your day job, would you?

As of right now, my only job is school. 😛 I don’t know if I’d blog full-time, probably because I’d need something else to keep me occupied as well, like a hobby or another activity.  But, it’s a sweet offer. XD

9. Do you prefer flawed characters you don’t always like or pretty characters that consistently do the right, or at least morally right thing?

This is a toughie, guys.  I really like flawed and quirky characters, because nobody’s perfect, and even in fantasy, I like to have realistic characters with realistic problems.

10. Do you prefer non-fiction or fiction?

Fiction all the way, m’friends!

11.  Are you a good liar?  Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?

Erm, I’m okay.  I don’t think lying is a good thing, unless you think it’s absolutely necessary.  Like if you were captured by Death Eaters and had to lie your way out of it. XD

Amazing Blogs To Check Out:

Joey @ thoughts and afterthoughts
Nirvana @ Nirvana’s Pocketful
Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity
Laurel @ The Caffeinated Bibliophile
John @ Write me a book, John!
Yvo @ It’s All About Books
Thomas @ the quiet voice

And those are some other blogs that I really love to read. 😀 That’s it for now, and thanks again to Bookish, who nominated me for this award.  Great questions, too!

6 thoughts on “Blogging Awards Part 2: Liebster Blog Award

  1. Oh man. I remember days (well, “my” days). Pretty sure my stories are up there too and I can’t imagine what I was thinking when I wrote some of that stuff (I stopped re-reading after like…a paragraph).

    Just to tangent your telekinesis super power, it would be totally rad to have some power to CTRL+F (and to a lesser extent, ctrl+z) all the junk in my house that I need (but can hardly ever find aha).

    But that is super kind of you to find the stuff I write enjoyable in some capacity!



    1. Heh, I think my writing has definitely improved since my fanfiction days, lol. I’m almost scared to go back and reread them.

      CTRL+F would be really helpful for me, since I tend to lose things a lot. And when I’m in the mood to find them, I drive myself crazy when I’m not able to. :/

      Yes, your blog is one of my favorites! 😀


  2. This was such a great post! The questions you were asked (and your responses of course! 😀 ) were really good, I was sitting here answering them to myself hehe XD


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