Book Review: yolo by Lauren Myracle

yoloTitle: yolo

Series: Internet Girls, #4

Author: Lauren Myracle

Summary: Through texts and messages, the mega-bestselling, beloved Internet Girls series followed the ups and downs of school for three very different, very close friends. Now it’s freshman year of college for the winsome threesome, and *everything* is different. For one, the best friends are facing their first semester apart. Way, way apart. Maddie’s in California, Zoe’s in Ohio, and Angela’s back in Georgia. And it’s not just the girls who are separated. Zoe’s worried that Doug wants to break up now that they’re at different schools, and Maddie’s boyfriend, Ian, is on the other side of the country. In the face of change and diverging paths, Maddie’s got a plan to keep the friends close, and it involves embracing the present, making memories, and . . . roller derby! Using of-the-moment technology, Lauren Myracle brings her groundbreaking series into the brave new virtual world of texting and tweets. -Goodreads


**No spoilers!

I was really excited about this book’s release, and when I finally got it, I was so happy!  And yolo definitely did not disappoint.  I loved being submerged into these characters’ lives again, even though they’re off at college.  I was so happy that this book was a much better experience than the last Lauren Myracle book I read.  I had a feeling yolo would be good, just because I knew the series.  However, I did fear that this book was just thrown together for the heck of it.  It didn’t have that feel, though, so I was glad.

So Maddie, Angela, and Zoe are off to separate colleges in different states, but they still manage to keep up with each other on a regular basis.  Maddie and Angela are my favorite characters in this story.  Zoe on the other hand… meh.  She’s a very needy person, especially with her boyfriend, and she acknowledges it several times throughout ttfn; l8r, g8r; and yolo (haven’t read the first one yet :O Will get on it soon…).  But I feel like Zoe’s character went through a lot of development in this installment, which I was so happy for.  She also branched out and made some new friends at college, which I didn’t expect her to do.  I’m proud of her. 😀

I really love Maddie.  I don’t want to go into too much detail about her, but she’s a pretty complex character, and I’d really love to see a book in her POV, because she seems like an interesting person to read about.  And if Lauren Myracle doesn’t have plans on doing something like this any time soon, someone write me a fanfiction! XD

I also like Angela, though she was a bit more wild in this book.  Then again, she and Maddie have always been the “wild” ones.  Zoe also kept an open mind (which she usually doesn’t), and I really liked her character development.  She’s still not one of my favorites, but she’s getting there. *thumbs up*

I like the ten year anniversary covers for these books, but I think I liked the old covers better:

ttylI really like the look of this cover.  It’s pretty simple, plus it kind of shows you where we were in technology back then (ttyl was published in 2004).  The emoticons are pretty pixilated, which I thought was cool.  The new covers are nice, but I feel like they lost their quirkiness.

Actually, technology was one of my biggest worries for yolo.  Let me explain.

When I read a book, I like to assume that it’s based in the year it was published in, unless otherwise stated.  I’d actually feel more comfortable if all books had a little note from the author that explained what year the book was set in, but since not all books do that, I like to make my own assumptions.

So, for ttyl, it was published in 2004.  So, I assume that our three main protagonists were in their sophomore year in high school in 2004, too.  The next book, ttfn, was published in 2006, which kind of complicated things for my mind, since we skipped a year, but that’s when the trio were in their junior year of high school.  And the third book, l8r, g8r, was published in 2007, which was their senior year.  So let’s say Maddie, Angela, and Zoe graduated high school in 2007.  Right after high school, they had their summer break, and then they went to college.  So, let’s assume that’s September of 2007.

I was hoping that yolo would stick with the technology of the time, rather than use today’s technology, but that didn’t happen, which was disappointing.  Maybe you’re thinking, “Who cares?”  I don’t even know if the last couple paragraphs made any sense, but it would have been a nice touch if it Lauren Myracle had stuck to the older technology rather than incorporate newer technology.  Nevertheless, it was still good.  Just something I was hoping for.

Anyway, this book really was fantastic!  5/5 stars, and I’m looking forward to more Lauren Myracle.  Perhaps a continuation of The Winnie Years is underway…? 😀 If so, let me get my money!!!


Let me know your thoughts!

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