Sunday Funday: Week In Review

Hello, everyone!  I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve last posted.  Today I’m here with a weekly wrap up of what I’ve been doing throughout the week.  Sunday Funday was created by Cristina @ Girl In The Pages, so go check her out!

Life In Books:

My life in books hasn’t been all that eventful for a while.  The last book I completed was The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan, and I started The Young Elites by Marie Lu.  I’ll have to get back to that book soon.  It’s really good, but it’s turned me off quite a bit due to its similarities to a couple other books.

I’m looking forward to two new releases this month, though.  They actually both come out on October 28, and they are Waterfall by Lauren Kate and In The Afterlight by Alexandra Bracken.

WaterfallThis is actually the first time I’ve seen the cover for Waterfall, and it’s extremely disappointing.  I really hate cover changes, especially when they’re bad cover changes.  The cover for the first book was so pretty and this is just… meh.  I doubt I would have picked up the first book if it had had a cover like this (well, Teardrop had been a Christmas present, but still).  I’m hoping the contents of the book are better than the cover.

In the afterlightI’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK!

That’s all xD

Life In Music:

I discovered a new band that I’m obsessed with, and they are The Pretty Reckless, with Taylor Momsen as their lead singer.  I’m in love with this band.  They’re so amazing, and I think that Momsen has an amazing voice, especially when she’s singing something acoustic or live.  Here are my favorite songs by them at the moment:

I actually bought one of their CDs today, but it ended up being one of their EPs, which was a little disappointing.

I also found a person on YouTube who does fantastic covers of a lot of music I’m into.  😀


This week I was invited by a friend to attend her church’s Trunk or Treat, which was really fun!  I met a lot of nice people and some even recognized me from the previous times I’d been there.

I also had been bitten by the dye bug and felt that it was time to color my hair again, so I decided to bleach my hair again today (a different section!).  I ended up washing out the bleach too soon, but the color was much lighter than I’d anticipated regardless, so for that I was happy.  I decided to go red this time, but I’m not sure when I’m actually going to dye my hair.  Hopefully soon.  The products I used (and will be using) are:

  • L’Oreal Quick Blue bleach
  • Salon Care 30 Volume developer
  • Beyond the Zone Color Jamz in Crimson Storm

I got all my products from Sally’s Beauty Supply, and I’m excited to see how the color comes out!

That’s all that went on during my week, other than a ton of homework.  What have you been up to?  Any good books you read last week, or are there any books you’re looking forward to?  Are you a fan of The Pretty Reckless?  Have you ever dyed your hair a fun color?  Let me know!



12 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: Week In Review

  1. I’ve never dyed my hair (my school has really strict rules on it) but my friend dyed her hair blue in the summer-because she has short hair, it looked amazing! However, because she bleached her hair underneath, the bleached bits wouldn’t come out…she was then told at school to take it out, so her mum bought some dye stripper, which promptly turned her hair light green! In the end she had to dye it brown, as close to her natural colour as she could get…Our deputy head was not impressed! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s awesome that your friend got to dye her hair blue! That was my first color 🙂 That’s a funny (yet unfortunate!) story, haha. I’m glad everything worked out in the end 😀 I hope this incident hasn’t scared your friend away from dye permanently!


  2. I agree, I don’t like it when they change the covers either. (Unless it’s for a valid reason like the old artist died) I wound up really liking Young Elites, but it took me a while to get into it too. It’s strange.

    I just learned what Trunk or Treat was this year. I’m glad you had fun. Your hair sounds cool! I’ve always wanted to dye my hair, but I’m too chicken.

    I just finished The Griever’s Mark, which was fantastic! I don’t know what I’m reading next. I hate deciding.


    1. If that were the case, then I definitely wouldn’t be complaining about the cover change, haha. I’m having a really hard time feeling motivated to keep reading the Young Elites, but then again, that’s been happening to me with a lot of books lately.

      Trunk or Treat was great! And thank you 😀 I finally finished the dying process on Monday, so I’ll definitely talk more about that in my next wrap up. Dyeing my hair is always scary, but so far, nothing awful has happened!

      Glad you enjoyed your latest read! That decision is always difficult, and pondering which book I should read usually wastes a lot of time that I could have used reading lol.


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