BookBlogWriMo: Your Blogging Workflow

BookblogwrimoHey, everyone!  Welcome to #BookBlogWriMo day nine.  Today’s topic is really interesting, and it’s about our blogging workflow.  I’ve never thought about this, but I’ve realized that I do have a little pattern I follow every time I pull out my laptop and start to write a post.

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I always, always, always have to turn off any other electronics when I’m blogging.  If I’m doing anything else while trying to write a post, it could literally take me hours to finish (this has happened before).  So, unless I’m using my iPod to listen to music, I usually get off the other devices and stop multitasking.

I also always feel the need to look for pictures/gifs I’m using in my posts before I write the post.  This could lead to me spending half an hour trying to relocate that perfect gif I’d found a week before XD

When I finish a post, it’s a tradition for me to read the post once it’s up, find a typo, edit, update the post, and repeat that same process… over and over and over.  It’s a nightmare!  Let me know if you do this xD

That’s all for now!  What are some of your blogging traditions?


13 thoughts on “BookBlogWriMo: Your Blogging Workflow

  1. I prefer not to look at my published posts after I publish them actually 😛 Because I end up doing what you said -> edit/update, edit/update… And I’m pretty sure I’ve already annoyed my followers with all the other post updates I kept doing when I was still getting the hang of using wordpress! 😀
    I love your gif btw, looks like you found the perfect one for this post!


    1. Haha, I love looking at my finished posts, but I seem to always have the edit/update problem! And sometimes other people I know point out mistakes and I know I can’t just ignore them, so I’m constantly re-editing xD

      Thanks! Yes, it is the perfect gif, and even better that it’s a Monk gif! 😀

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      1. 🙂 Me too! I’ve only recently started using them but now I love them so much! ❤
        My family isn't too interested in the blogging thing – they just occasionally skim my blog 😛


  2. I usually sit in a certain seat at my dining room table when I do any sort of school work or blogging, so I guess that’s a tradition. That’s really smart of you to shut off other electronic devices- I should really start doing that!


  3. I always do the edit thing too! I just KNOW there is something wrong with the post so I have to go and check and sure enough, I had a terrible spelling day or something didn’t format right so I have to go and fix it!


  4. I am SO BAD with editing. Seriously, I’ll sit there for an hour and a half combing through my posts searching for typos – I can never be satisfied. It’s a miracle I get any posts published at all! 😛


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