BookBlogWriMo: Advice for Newbie Bloggers

BookblogwrimoHey, guys, and welcome to day twelve of #BookBlogWriMo!  Today’s topic is about giving advice to new bloggers, which is a super fun prompt!  Let’s begin!

yoda1. My first piece of advice would be to establish some sort of schedule, at least in the beginning.  That way, people know when to visit your blog because they’ll know when you’ll have a new post up.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a “schedule,” but when I was a newbie I tried to post at least once a week, sometimes even more than that.  Then, after a while, you can drop your initial schedule if you want and play around with different ones!  For me, I’ve never been able to blog on a schedule, because I think you have to be in the right mood to blog.  If I were to have a schedule and I wasn’t in the mood, I’d feel really bad about not blogging on the day I was supposed to.  I’d feel really unreliable.

2. Take advantage of the tools WordPress has!  For a long time I didn’t put pictures or gifs into my posts, simply because I didn’t know how and I thought it would be too difficult.  Pictures and gifs are a really good way to make your posts fun, especially if you find funny ones.  Also, make sure to tag your posts appropriately, so your posts will come up in search results if people type in those keywords.

3. Keep at it.  Don’t give up on your blog.  You may be frustrated because you haven’t gotten any likes or comments yet, but don’t give up!  When you establish a foundation and certain topics that you want to talk about, you’ll find that other people with your interests will find you sooner or later.  You’ll also find your “blogging voice” 😀

4. Visit other blogs!  This is a great way to get yourself a little more known.  Comment on and like other people’s posts, and they’ll check out your blog, too.

5. My last tip, and this is more directed at book bloggers, would be to participate in tags and memes, even if you haven’t been tagged.  Add in your post that you noticed the tag at so-and-so’s blog and you thought it looked fun.  Link to the blog where you found the post, and they’ll probably find you and tell you what they think!

Bonus Tip: When linking to different blogs or websites, make sure your links are working!  This is something I always forget to do >.<

Those are all the tips I have, and here are some websites that you might find useful:

Canva and PicMonkey are great for editing photos and making blog graphics.

For finding pictures and gifs, Tumblr, PhotoBucket, and Giphy are some of my favorite sites to use, especially for funny gifs!  Using gifs from your favorite TV shows or movies is even better 😀

For finding tags and memes to participate in, check out these blogs, whose bloggers have created their own!

Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
Sunday Funday, hosted by Cristina @ Girl in the Pages
Waiting On Wednesday, hosted by Breaking the Spine
The TBR Tag
Harry Potter Spell Book Tag
The Book Blogger Test Tag

That’s all I have for you!  I really hope this was helpful and that I was able to provide some new information for new and older bloggers 😀 I’m excited to see what advice you have for us!


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