BookBlogWriMo: Favorite Book Blogging Things

BookblogwrimoWelcome #BookBlogWriMo day fifteen!  We’re halfway there, everyone!  I wonder how the NaNoWriMo-ers are doing 😀 Anyway, today’s prompt is about our favorite things about book blogging, one of my favorite topics.

excitementAhem.  Let’s begin xD

One of my favorite things about book blogging is about reading books and being able to share my feels with the world.  I don’t know many people who read, let alone anyone who reads books that are in my favorite genres, so it’s nice to have a community to talk to, and to see if they liked or didn’t like a book.

The next thing I love about book blogging is the community!  I’m not exactly sure what planted the idea in my head that I wanted blog about books, and I’m not sure how other book bloggers found me, or how I found them for that matter!  But the majority of people I’ve interacted with in the book blogging community are really nice and easy to chat with 😀

I wish I could say another favorite was about free books, but unfortunately I’m not with Netgalley or anything like that.  It sounds really interesting, but also super stressful from what I’ve heard xD Plus, I already have a ton of books that need reading.

Those are just a couple reasons why I love book blogging, but what are your favorite things about book blogging?  Let me know!


7 thoughts on “BookBlogWriMo: Favorite Book Blogging Things

  1. Very nice post! About the free books: I know of several sites where you can download free ebooks so if you want to know about those just go to the links at the bottom of my website ( They are only three websites but they are usually really good to get free ebooks or pdfs from. 🙂 Hope that helped one mini problem and again nice post! I agree with pretty much everything 🙂


  2. I love the community so much too! Unfortunately, ever since I started school, I had less and less time to interact with people but I always try my best to comment back and stuff. Thank god for the Holidays next month. Will try to make it up to people. Anyway, nice post! ❤


  3. Haha that’s exactly why I don’t want to join Netgalley either! I just couldn’t handle all those wonderful books. I’d end up requesting a bunch and end up buried in books!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


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