BookBlogWriMo: Days 16 & 17

BookblogwrimoHello, everyone, and welcome to #BookBlogWriMo day seventeen!  I apologize for not posting yesterday.  I was really lazy and didn’t feel like typing anything… I definitely regretted not scheduling anything for yesterday! XD I look forward to catching up with your posts and seeing what you have to say about yesterday’s and today’s topics.

Sunday’s prompt was about our least favorite book blogging things, countering Saturday’s prompt.

malfoyYou mean… I’m supposed to have things that I don’t like about book blogging?  Absurd!

Just kidding xD There are a few things that I’m not particularly fond of.  Like when you get that feeling that you need to put up a book review.  I don’t know if you get this feeling, but I’ve been feeling like this a lot, especially since this year hasn’t been my best year in reading.  I know I don’t focus solely on book reviews, but when I go a month or even more without writing a review… it makes me feel guilty.

saddd*Cough, cough* Anyway… moving on…

Another thing I don’t like about book blogging is the fact that I can’t write a short review to save my life!  All of my reviews are dreadfully long (and some are very disorganized XD).  I guess they’re more for me, so I can release all the feels xD But I do want to work on writing shorter reviews, though I have a feeling that won’t be any time soon.

But other than those two things, I can’t think of anything else that bugs me about book blogging.  I’m probably forgetting something that I’ll remember in the future, and then I’ll mentally facepalm, but oh well.

Day seventeen of #BookBlogWriMo is about our favorite book tropes.  I only knew a vague definition of what a “trope” was before looking it up, but I was definitely headed in the right direction.  Here are just a few things I could never get tired of, no matter how cliché they may be:

  • Resurrection: I love books with the whole resurrection romancey story line.  You know the drill.  Boy and girl meet.  Girl dies at a certain age.  Boy spends the rest of his life finding girl.  Boy finds girl in present day.  Girl thinks boy is familiar.  Let the drama commence!  Sometimes it does get on my nerves, but there are quite a few books that I’ve read that feature this storyline.
  • Schools for the Gifted: Like Hogwarts, or Hex Hall, etc.  Even Camp Half-Blood qualifies.  I love this kind of thing.  I would love to go to Hogwarts or any of those places.  I bet Twilight would have been more awesome if she went to a vampire/werewolf boarding school…


  • Boarding Schools: I love boarding schools.  I’ve never been to one, but based on every single book about boarding school I’ve read, I’m down xD More specifically, though, I like boarding schools based in New England, c. 1920.  And it’s not like I’ve even read that many books that fit the criteria, but I love this style.
  • Wizards: I suppose I’m using “wizards” to represent lots of “supernatural” things, like vampires, or werewolves, stuff like that.  I love fantasy.  If I had to choose a genre that I’ve read the most of, it would probably be narrowed down to fantasy or dystopian.
  • Journal Format: I’m not really sure if this counts, but I love books that are written in the journal or diary format, or even letter format, like The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  I have no idea why I like this so much, but if you tell me to read a book and also say that it’s got one of these formats, there’s a pretty good chance that I’d pick it up without even seeing what it’s about.

That’s all I have for you all today!  Let me know your thoughts on what your least favorite book blogging things are, and what literary tropes you like 😀 Until then,


P.S. Mockingjay, Part I comes out very soon!  Will you be going to the midnight premiere?  I’ll be seeing the movie the day after it comes out, so I’ll definitely be talking about that soon!

12 thoughts on “BookBlogWriMo: Days 16 & 17

  1. I so wish I could go to the Mockingjay premier! Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be 😦

    I never tired of schools for the gifted or the supernatural stuff either! Oo and journal format is awesome! I wish more books were written like it 🙂

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


  2. Boarding schools has always sounded like so much fun! I always wanted to go to one (haha). School uniforms are also really cool in my opinion.

    I actually haven’t bought my ticket for The Hunger Games film yet. Not really feeling the hype anymore for some reason..


    1. I definitely had that habit when I was first getting back into reading a couple years ago. I totally compared EVERYTHING to Harry Potter… that probably got annoying xD but I definitely think I was still stuck in the HP world. Now that I’ve branched out, yeah, I always see some minor HP similarities that are pretty inevitable, but now I focus on trying to enjoy the unique aspects of questions book ^-^


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