BookBlogWriMo: Catching Up

Hey, guys!  This is my second time trying to type this… my pages love to restart just before I get the chance to hit “save draft”… The struggle.

But how have you been?  I know I’ve missed quite a few days of BookBlogWriMo, but I wasn’t in the blogging mood so I decided to wait until I was.  Fortunately, I’m back, and I definitely have some catching up to do, at least three or four days, plus I want to get some posts scheduled to avoid this kind of thing for the duration of BookBlogWriMo.  I can’t wait to catch up with your posts 😀 Instead of writing a bunch of posts, I’ll just consolidate them all into one.  I’ll try to keep this short!

Before we get into that, though, I wanted to quickly talk about Mockingjay Part 1, which I was lucky enough to see on Saturday!  I got up early and went on Saturday morning, and it was so worth it!  I loved every bit of that movie, and the actors’ performances were brilliant.  What did you think of this movie?  Hopefully I’ll have a review up soon!

BookblogwrimoIt’s time for BookBlogWriMo 😀

11/21 — #FlashBackFriday: First Reviews

Oh, my goodness… This is going to be so embarrassing.  I’m scared to go back XD One of my first “reviews” (if you could even call it that) was a review for the middle grade read Change of a Dress by Maya Gold… I’d like to think I’ve definitely improved since those days!  That was back when I was first testing the waters of book reviewing.  That was posted March 12, 2013.  Those were the days… xD

I was going through my older posts and found some of my Book Batches (a short segment where I would list all the library books I got every week), and I’m absolutely mind blown… Mainly because I’m pretty sure I read almost every book I checked out from the library.  These days I barely have any time to read!  Let alone read multiple books in a week!

11/22 — #ShowMeYourShelves

I’m quickly judging my shelves to see if they’re decent enough for everyone to stare at… I think it should be fine… XD Time to pull out my handy camera.

Here’s how my shelves look at the moment:

DSCN1462It’s so hard to capture a full picture of all my entire bookshelf!  But here it is in all its glory.  I think the first two shelves are my favorites, just because they hold all my EXTREMELY PRECIOUS books.

Here’s a close up:

DSCN1463And I don’t know if you noticed, but I finally own my entire Harry Potter collection in hardcover!  Meaning that HP is the only series that I own double copies of (due to the fact that I own some of them in paperback).

11/23 — Book Boyfriend Criteria

This is a bit of a challenge!  I think I’ll list a few of my book boyfriends and write some of their traits to see what my book boyfriend criteria consists of >:D

Ron Weasley (Harry Potter): Ron is funny.  He’s goofy and not super serious (though he’s very capable of being serious).  He’s also funny sometimes without even meaning to be (“Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies?!”).

Leo Valdez (The Heroes of Olympus): Leo is a jokester.  He reminds me of the Weasley twins in that way.  He’s super funny, but he has his sensitive side as well.  And although he’s probably a deep character, I think the fandom sometimes makes him out to be… too deep xD

Simon Lewis (The Mortal Instruments): Simon is another really funny character.  He undergoes quite a bit of development in his series, though, and instead of being there just for comic relief, he’s got his own issues going on, too.  (I’m seeing a trend: I like funny guys xD)

Liam Stewart (The Darkest Minds): Liam is just a sweetie.  I love Liam.  He’s so sweet to his friends and caring and protective and adorable.  Gah!  Even though I totally ship him and his lady friend in TDM… can I have a Liam?

Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy): Where do I even begin?  I mean, it’s Adrian.  He’s hilarious, but he’s super deep.  May or may not be a bad boy xD Anyone else imagine Ian Somerhalder as Adrian? o.o

Daemon Black (Lux): … where do I even begin?  I can’t really go into detail about Daemon without feeling like I’m spoiling those who haven’t read the Lux series, but to those who read and loved Lux… I think it’s obvious why he was included on this list XD

So, in short, my book boyfriends must be funny, but sweet and serious-ish.  Sounds about right!

11/24 — Reading Cave Fantasies

I love this prompt!  We’re asked to describe what our reading nooks would be like… I actually have a board on Pinterest dedicated to this xD But mine would be a room with at least two large windows with window seats.  I’d want mini shelves on the window seat, with maybe a panel that covered the books from sun damage.  Comfortable sofas are a must.  An ottoman and a coffee table, too.  And… well… what’s a reading nook without books?  I’d have built-in shelves against the walls, but I’m not sure if I’d want them to be ceiling-length, mainly because I wouldn’t be able to reach anything at the top XD Let me include some pictures of alternatives:

sliding bookshelvesSliding bookshelves wouldn’t be so bad…

nooknook 2I’d completely forgotten about this one!

Anyway, that’s all for now!  I’m getting kind of tired, so I probably won’t schedule anything right now, but I can’t wait to read your posts!  Let me know your thoughts on these prompts, and I’ll see you later 😀


2 thoughts on “BookBlogWriMo: Catching Up

  1. I saw Mockingjay too and I loved it! They did such a good job with the plot and keeping all the emotions and everything there!

    Haha my old reviews were horrible and not organized AT ALL. *shudders*

    OMIGOODNESS all those guys are amazing!! I get a little thrill when people list books/characters and I’ve read all of them 😀 Daemon is definitely my favorite out of your list!

    Ooo I would go for the big bed in the cabin with all those nice trees. I usually can’t stay in one play while I read and I shift around a lot so that would be really comfy for me 😀

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


    1. Mockingjay was fantastic! I was talking to someone who said they didn’t like it, and I was like, “How?!” XD

      Same here! I was awful! And seeing that you’ve read all the books is one of the best feelings xD I love Daemon. Ahh, he’s amazing.

      The big bed is pretty cool, huh? When I’m especially into a book, I’ll start pacing as I read, haha!


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