BookBlogWriMo: How Do You Deal With Book Hangovers?

BookblogwrimoHey, everyone, and welcome to #BookBlogWriMo day twenty-five!  We’ve come far!  Today’s topic is about how we deal with book hangovers, and, well… I didn’t know there was a way to deal with them! XD Usually for me, I just let them pass, but if I don’t do anything about it, I could accidentally fall into a reading slump (pretty much where I’m at right now xD).

Some other things I might do to make the big bad book hangover go away:

madskins cryangry 2Usually when I have a book hangover, it’s because I read a book that was too good and am stuck in that world, or it’s because I may or may not be angry over the events that occurred in a book.

The number one thing I try to do in a book hangover is just picking up another book.  That usually gets me motivated enough to forget about my previous issues.

That’s everything I’ve got for now!  Let me know what you do to get out of book hangovers, or if you’re in one right now 😀


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