Kindle Fire HDX Review

Today I decided I would do a little review of my Kindle.  I’ve had it since March of this year, and I think I’ve been using it long enough to have gotten to know its good and bad qualities.  I’ve never really done a tech review, and I definitely won’t get into details, because I’m not a techy person.  But I’ll talk about the things I have and have not been liking about my Kindle, and a few of my experiences with this device.  I hope you enjoy!


I own the Kindle Fire HDX 7″ tablet, and it’s a pretty nice looking device.  There’s a front-facing camera, but no back-facing one (which has proven to be more and more irritating).  Also, the speakers on my Kindle are really impressive, at least for me.  The sound quality is really great in my opinion.  Also, the headphone jack is at the bottom of the device, so thumbs up for that!

My Kindle was meant to replace my slowly-deteriorating iPod Touch.  I love my iPod, and I love my Kindle as well.  It was really interesting to have a device from a different company (Amazon), because I got to compare my iPod and my Kindle.

One thing I noticed that was a major difference between my iPod and my Kindle, or more specifically, Apple and Amazon, are their respective app stores.  Coming from Apple’s huge app store, I was really surprised to see how limited the Kindle App Store was.  I found that I couldn’t download basic apps, like YouTube or Instagram, which was really unfortunate!  Luckily, you can disable the setting that prevents unknown downloads and visit 1Mobile Market, which is an alternative app store where you can download some of the apps that aren’t available on Amazon.

A big problem I had with my Kindle was YouTube.  I was able to download the YouTube app from 1Mobile, but I noticed that playback was really, really awful.  Videos constantly buffer, except for on certain YouTube channels, and it was so annoying.  If you were to just look up “” in Silk Browser (the Kindle’s browser) and play a video, the video wouldn’t buffer, but it was unreliable because sometimes the video just wouldn’t play, period.  However, recently I’ve noticed that this problem seems to have been solved, so I’m a happy camper 😀 I’ve pretty much dumped the YouTube app and rely solely on using the browser for viewing YouTube videos.

Something else to be aware of about this device is that, whenever you turn it on, the lock screen is actually an advertisement.  In fact, it’s pretty hard to customize the Kindle, which is too bad.  You can’t set your own backgrounds or change the lock screen.  At first, the ads got to me (and they still do, occasionally), but in reality, you’re only looking at that screen for about two seconds before you’re on your home screen.

One thing I’m really happy about is that the Kindle undergoes regular updates, and they’ve integrated viewing notifications on the lock screen, and controlling your music from the lock screen.  I’d been waiting for that particular feature for AGES, especially because I was so used to it on my iPod.  For some reason, I don’t get all notifications, though.  If someone repins something I pinned on Pinterest, I don’t get a notification like I do with my iPod.  Or if someone comments/likes/follows my blog, I don’t get a notification for that, either.  I occasionally get Instagram notifications, but it’s not frequent, which is kind of weird.

When I first got my Kindle, I had problems connecting to my wifi.  Once it took half an hour to connect to the wifi, and it wasn’t the wifi that was the problem; my iPod and laptop were both connected.  I looked up this issue and found a forum on Amazon, and it turns out that a lot of people were having similar problems.  After a bit of scrolling, I noticed that someone kindly gave instructions on how to fix the problem.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember all of what that entailed.  I know it had something to do with pulling up a command prompt on my laptop and getting the IP address of my computer, entering that into my Kindle in the wifi settings, and there were a few other steps that I can’t remember.  The problem was easily resolved, though, and usually my wifi connects to my Kindle almost instantly.

I think that’s all I have to say about the Kindle Fire HDX!  I really love that it doesn’t crash as much as my iPod does (though that’s probably due to old age xD), and I love having the larger display.  I do wish more and more that there was a back-facing camera, but there’s nothing that can be done about that.  I wish YouTube hadn’t been such a struggle, but so far YouTube and my Kindle are getting along.

Hopefully this provided a little more information for you if you’re planning on getting a Kindle.  If you do own the HDX, or any wifi-capable Kindle in general, let me know your experiences with it!  Have you found yourself comparing it to your other devices?  I definitely have!


4 thoughts on “Kindle Fire HDX Review

  1. I never had an iPOD but i have used a first generation Kindle Fire and two different lenovo thinkpad tablets. You are right about comparisons. I like my lenovo better than the Fire because it has always had some kind of usb port, a large app store, and great sound (on my newest one). However, some webpages see this tablet as a phone not an ultra book so they don’t work right, not for mobile usage, which sucks. My only other complaint between the two is that the videos I bought on Amazon don’t run, very well, on the non amazon gadget 😦 I need a better version of excel but that’s a different issue as i am not sure that the Fire has any type of office suite.
    Hope you had a good Christmas!


    1. Thank you! I hope you had a merry Christmas, too! I’m really partial to Apple products, as it was one of my first electronics, and I found very little wrong with it, until it started getting old. I’ve actually never used a Lenovo product, so that’s interesting.


  2. My sister owns a Kindle HDX, and she also faces the same issues with the back-facing camera – apparently Amazon’s gotten some backlash from customers, actually, so it’ll be interesting to see whether they do anything about it in later versions. 🙂


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