Thoughts On The 100 VidCon Panel (2015)

Possible spoilers down below for season 2 of The 100 and of the VidCon panel.  If you haven’t watched the panel yet and would like to, click here!

Last night I watched the season 2 finale of the CW’s series, The 100.  I really enjoy watching this show, I love the characters, and of course, I love shipping them. 

Immediately after I finished the episode, I hurried to Tumblr to read other people’s thoughts and feels about the show before going to YouTube to watch some interviews with the cast and the 2015 VidCon panel for the show.  I have to say, I was kind of disappointed.  I usually don’t pay attention to the opinions of the actors in my favorite shows, because I don’t want their opinions to have an effect on my opinions, but I was excited to have finished the second season, so I watched it anyway.

Although the actors all gave in depth, thorough answers to all questions they were asked, it surprised me that they were having trouble remembering details about the show.  It was also surprising and disappointing that Marie Avgeropoulos, who plays Octavia, didn’t talk much, but I also noticed that none of the questions were really directed at her either. 

I’m anxious to know if Bellarke will eventually become a couple in future seasons, especially due to the negative reactions I saw when they were asked questions regarding the ship.  I’m kind of second guessing whether or not I ship Bellarke anymore.

I enjoyed Lindsey Morgan and Ricky Whittle the most–they were so funny together! 

Those are some of my thoughts on the panel, but I’d love to know what you think of the show, and if you watched the panel, let me know your thoughts on that too πŸ˜€


3 thoughts on “Thoughts On The 100 VidCon Panel (2015)

    1. THANK YOU!!! πŸ˜€ I’m definitely back, my posts will just be a bit slower, haha. And that’s fine! It’s a really cool show about this group of delinquent kids who get sent down to earth to see if it’s livable here about a hundred years after the apocalypse. They go through a lot of hardships and nothing is as expected >:) I really enjoyed it!

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