New Favorites 2

Hey everyone!  In the beginning of July I made part 1 of this post talking about my favorite music and TV shows, just to update you on what I’ve been liking.  Eventually I’ll probably start doing a monthly favorites posts, but for now, this post is about my favorite movies and YouTubers.


I don’t watch movies often, so I’ll only have a few for this category.  I really loved Silver Linings Playbook, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.  It’s probably on my list of favorite movies.  It came out a few years ago, but I saw it a couple months ago.  For some reason I find this movie really relaxing, and I’ve rewatched it a few times, too!

Another movie I saw recently that I loved was Stuck In Love.  It had a few actors I was familiar with, like Lily Collins and Logan Lerman.  It’s an indie movie, so I wasn’t expecting to like it, but whoa.  That was a good movie.  It used to be on Netflix, but it was recently removed 😦


I watch YouTube on a daily basis, and I’ve come to discover a lot of YouTubers that I enjoy watching.  What draws me to a YouTuber is more their personality and less their content, though I’m interested in what they talk about.  So here are some of my favorites:

  • ADoseofBuckley: He uploads angry rants about music, pop culture, and other news. I think I discovered him by his Worst Songs of 20?? videos.  He’s humorous but informative, and I love the tidy way he puts together his videos.
  • BreeAnn Barbie: She makes videos about beauty, piercings, and she also uploads vlogs from time to time.  I found her because I was in desperate need of assistance when I got my first piercing almost a year ago!  I love her personality, which always shines through in every video.
  • Marques Brownlee: Otherwise known as MKBHD, he makes videos about tech.  Phones, cameras, and computers are his expertise.  I really love watching his videos, though I know pretty much nothing about tech (though I have picked up some of the lingo), other than how to use some of it xD

Those are just a couple that I watch regularly.

Anyway, let me know your favorite movies, or if you watch the same YouTubers as me! 😀



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