My Sunday

Hey, everyone 🙂  I just got back from a pretty fun day out and about, and I’ll tell you guys about what I did.  How was your Sunday?  Did you do anything exciting?  😀

So, to begin my day, I took a trip to the library, where I found three of my most recent orders:

IMG_2311[1]You’re probably wondering why I have a book about the 80s, lol.  I’ll tell you about that in a minute.

I also got The Giver by Lois Lowry, which has a movie that’s coming out!  I remember really enjoying The Giver, so hopefully I can see it in the theaters.  (I also heard Taylor Swift was in it…?)

And then I got the movie, Trading Places.  A friend of mine told me it was really good, so I wanted to check it out for myself.

As for the 80s, book, I’ve recently been very obsessed with that decade.  Don’t ask why.  I’ve been obsessed with the trends, the toys, the music—everything.  I know Wikipedia isn’t the most reliable source for information, but I’ve practically sucked this page dry.  Because of this new interest, I decided to get a book about the 80s from the library.

Before the library opened, however, I went out to lunch with my mom and we got this:

Tangerine chicken and chow mein on the left, and fried rice and barbecue pork on the right. Good stuff!
I also walked around a little and discovered a RECORD STORE.  You don’t even know how delighted I was.  asdfghjkl;  I discovered it at the perfect time, since I was getting into that kind of stuff.  I seriously could not have found this place at a better time.

So I go in, and it’s just ginormous.  There are records and CDs and CASSETTES!  They had cassettes!  (Used cassettes, but cassettes :D)

I walked up and down all of the aisles in complete awe.

IMG_2304[1]IMG_2306[1]IMG_2307[1]This is where all their cassettes were.  I felt like I was walking on clouds, man XD It was so amazing.  They were at great prices, too!  I couldn’t resist purchasing one, though I don’t know if I’ll ever get to listen to it.  I don’t even know the condition the cassette’s in, or how long it’s been around—but it’s all part of its charm 😀

IMG_2313[1]It was so hard to choose what I wanted, because surprisingly, I recognized quite a few of the artists, but I ended up getting a Men at Work cassette.  I’m a newbie fan 😀

IMG_2315[1]I might have a cassette player somewhere around here… darn.  I might have thrown it away ._.  I recently threw a lot of items away, things I would have loved to have at this moment.  An old black radio of mine that I’ve had for more than a decade.  Lots of stuff.  Ugh, I’m so mad at myself >.<  But, who knows?  Maybe I’ll find another cassette player around.

Oh!  The record store also sold record players:

IMG_2305[1]Unfortunately, they were pretty expensive.  But that’s so cool, right?!  (I’m totally geeking out over record players… *awkward*…)

When I left the store, I was so overjoyed!  I probably fangirled over the cassette for a good half hour.  No, wait—I’m still fangirling 😀

Today was a great Sunday!  I look forward to visiting the record store again, and learning more about the 80s, which fascinate me to no end.

More next time!  I’m getting so behind on my posts, lol.  I’ll catch up… eventually 😀


18 thoughts on “My Sunday

  1. Oh no how young are you 8)? I grew up with records and cassettes, I got my first CD in junior high…eek now I feel old. I’m reading book 5 of the Song of Ice and Fire series so Sundays are Game of Thrones days, yay!


    1. Haha, don’t feel old! Personally, if I had my choice, I’d have records and cassettes rather than iPods and digital downloads. I think the former gives music more personality… or maybe that’s just me, lol. I want to go back and buy a record now!

      I had nothing to watch today (though tomorrow, I may watch Mad Men :D), so I started Trading Places. I hope you enjoyed Game of Thrones!


      1. Personality is the perfect descriptor for cassettes 🙂
        I know what you mean, after Downton Abby was done for the season my Sundays were TV empty till Game of Thrones.

        Enjoy all your summer reading!


  2. Ahhhh I’m so jealous! I only get to visit record stores when I go to America, but they’re my secret passion. 😉 LP records are my favourite (even though as of right now I don’t actually have a record player!), but I love cassettes as well… 😀

    Have fun reading The Giver – it’s an amazing book! Can’t wait to see the movie as well.


    1. Well, right now, record stores are my not so secret passion! 😀 I’ve probably told everyone I know about my little trip.

      I remember The Giver being awesome. This is going to be the first time I reread it, and I’d like to refresh my memory. I hope the movie does the book justice!


  3. I’ve heard nothing but good things about The Giver, so I hope you enjoy it!

    Record stores are so much fun to look in! 🙂 My mum still has her old record player, so I’ve been trying to convince her to buy me some of my favourite albums on vinyl. It hasn’t worked very well so far, haha.


    1. It was a great book! I’m actually rereading it, so I’m super excited!

      I had such a fun time at the record store 🙂 I kept mumbling exclamations as I walked down the aisles, haha.

      That’s so awesome that your mom has her old record player! I want one more than ever, now.


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